What to Expect

Diversity has been an increasingly important topic in every industry, and there is a hunger for companies to create initiatives that bring them closer to a more diverse organization. Pharma and biotech are well behind most other industries for diversity and inclusion initiatives.  

Across two days, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum will provide a wide range of strategies and best practices for pharma and biotech companies looking to improve their diversity efforts across all areas of their business, while also providing a deep dive into key areas and access to leaders across functions.

Key Focus Areas

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Employee Practices & Company Culture

As Pharma continues to increase their diversity initiatives, they must first educate and empower within the organization to ensure their employees feel they are advocated for and supported through the creation of an inclusive culture.


Patient Recruitment & Engagement

In reaching out to multi-cultural communities, across functions there is a need to understand how our industry can engage along each step of the patient journey to educate and empower their customers and improve their experiences and gain trust in the industry.


Community Access & Development/Population Health Equity

With continuous outreach to new consumers, pharma has the opportunity to reach out to and create communities to build trust, address biases, and improve access to health information, clinical opportunities, and resources for underserved groups and populations in need.

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